Swimming Bangladesh Foundation

Swimmin’ Bangladesh

More than 17,000 drowning victims occur in Bangladesh every year. More than half of these are younger than 24 years old. This makes drowning one of the most common causes of death.

Unfortunately, little attention is paid to this problem, while many accidents can be prevented if children learn to swim. But adults also benefit from swimming lessons and can help with problems with younger children if they can swim (rescue).

In Bangladesh

  • We give swimming lessons to children from 5 years old
  • We teach (young) adults to swim rescue (also to save children under 5 years old)
  • We train local instructors
  • We integrate swimming education into the education program
  • We work to raise awareness of the dangers of water
  • Creating safe swimming facilities on land
  • Construction of a swimming boat

Construction of a swimming pool

We are regularly in Bangladesh to give children swimming lessons on a project basis. However, the climate means that we can only be effective with the lessons we have given in the river so far for a few months. A permanent swimming pool offers several advantages. This way we can continue swimming lessons in a safe environment even if the river causes a strong current due to the melt water and overflows its banks. We can easily train and retrain local instructors at a fixed location. These instructors take their knowledge 'into the field' to teach schoolchildren to swim.

The construction of a swimming pool naturally entails some costs. That is why we have started the unique 'Building Bricks' campaign. The construction of the swimming pool is largely done with locally produced stones.

You can also do your bit by donating one or more 'Building Bricks'.